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Solving Human Problems on Earth Blog 6 for class

Week 7 Class Prep Materials – For February 28, 2022 – TAKE A HIKE AND LOOK AROUND AT THE NATURAL ENVIRONMENT!!!! Practice breathing and really slowing down to look around. If interested, sit down again and journal more about what emerged for you during our online in-class activity from this past Wednesday in Week 6. What human problem is it that you are most interested in seeing resolved or in making people in Greater Cincinnati aware of or have them think about in a different way?

What human problem is it that you are most interested in seeing resolved or in making people in Greater Cincinnati aware of or have them think about in a different way?

Answer: The Human problem that most interests me that I want to see resolved and make people aware of and have them thinking in a different way is. We must suffer and stutter? Why must we allow Our youth and youth professionals to stutter and suffer? Why must the cycle keep going? Who is a fault and who is making a change. What is that people are waiting for? What is it that make us suffer and stutter so many things over and over again? When is it going to start to change? When is it going to be solved? how can we start to change? How to we help? How do we move forward?

In my life so far I have seen many thing. One thing I see is the suffer of people and how they stutter when tell something. They repeat that same asks, question, statements, and so much more. To suffer, why is that I wonder for many years. What has been very troubling is seen how the youth are impacted by it. The youth never asked to be here and go through these things. Their parents did. Sometimes there are situations that a unavoidable that result in this outcome. But they still do not need to grow up in this mess to end up going through so many things. It's sad.

Schools are created to help youth to young learn and prepare them for world. But they still are not learning the basics sometimes. Due to different outcome of the way they live. So when they grow up the are not fully ready and they are thrown into the storms. I see this and I am very passionate about help anyone however I can. So that what I do. I created these 3 artworks a responds to that. Which was my first time creating a piece that have something negative in it. In my work I try to give hope, joy, happiness, wonder, excitement, just positive things because I don’t like to be negative. So that work had some negative points In it. But it raises a question and brought awareness to why must we stutter and suffer and why must our kids suffer? Right now I am working a project what touches Misfits, Outcast, Rejects, Freaks, Rebel and so on. To bring attention to these issues that are still present in our world today. Also to pave the way to a new start that will spark change as a step toward a better future. I hope to change the view on these labels and spark a new outcomes. I work a lot with youth and young professionals hoping to bring them guidance and help/ support to get them to their point of success whatever that looks like to them.

Some causes on suffering comes from past, family, job, media, leader, models, etc. Each having their own path and outcome. I wish to be a support system to spark your future by flying in success to you be help you get to that point of success. Everyone is successful in many things good or bad. I will work with many people, business, organizations, company, etc to make this happen. To one day create a balance system that help you get you that point of success.

What is my cause for solving human problems on earth?

Answer: I am really passionate about helping in any way I can. I tell people that I am a all rounded creator and figure of many talents and skills who will fly in success into you to spark your future. So helping you get to your point of success is why I am here. To be a guide, mentor, a coach, a support system. That spark of hope, that why I wish to help others.

So I am focusing our why do we suffer and stutter? This is a problem in our world humans, life in total stuffers a lot right now. And have been for years. Why is that? Why have there not been a major change to fix that? With life suffering it creates the stuttering affect were we continue to repeat thing. This cycle that go on for years and years with little charge. While this suffering and stutter builds up. Which would lead to many things and outcomes it not worth it. Why must we allow are children to suffer and stutter like our. When is there going to a major change? Where the system that are in place? Are they working? How is this affecting life's.

Why is this so Important?

Answer : It's Important to me to create this future were we have this change because it will build better systems and support that care and are make these step to improve our world. Suffering covers all Types and forms and so does stuttering. It is Important to hear everyone's voice because their voice matter. We don’t need to keep fighting the wrong battles it’s a waste. There are situation , issues, problem is our local, outer and inner, global spaces and connections. We are all a form of life, we all life and die. We must respect the balance of the world and understand something you have many things alike. You don’t have to agree all the time. Respect, understand, responsible, showing up and showing out are key things.

I have experiences and worked with different organizations, people, etc. I have been a teaching assistant , mentor , ambassador, student worker, fulfilment assistant, leader, managing, communicating, et.. Working alongside many artists and etc. to make an impact in our world. So bringing back up a statement on why I care and what's my cause, like I said I am a all rounded creator and figure of many talents and skills who will fly in success to you by sparking your future creating that meaningful and long lasting Impact that will spark new outcomes.

I want to Fly In Success to you to spark your future by creating an meaningful and long lasting impact in your journey.

What I would like to create a system of supports, tools, resources that are in place to help- people to the point of success(their success).

Having them work on the basic of marking, communication, networking, social skills, practical skills, basic of living. These natural things that everyone should have. Just the basic to have to understand is key to understanding how to walk into your journey with the basic to do anything you want, keying in on the basic Is needed it a system and outlines you have to use in your journey.

I want to test you, to have you practice, how you learn and understand the basics to be your foundations in this journey. Using these basics to help you and if one is needed more I will give you higher techniques to help you. I want it to be fun, informative, meaningful, impactful, engaging so that it can spark your future.

I want to work together with other to help me with my mission and goals. Also so we can reach more people creating this change to make a better future for all.

What type of Artwork can you create to show a positive message on how we can start to stop this suffering and stuttering on a higher level. What does that look like? What supporting details do you have to support these statement? How do we transform this label? well...So how do we move towards a world that is balance where there are foundations , systems, supports, that are united so that we can all live together in a balance peace. Where there is nothing lost like past in history only Improvements and not suffering.


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