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LaDe Richardson

Creator and Figure




Date of Birth:

September 24th, 1999


2018-   PRESENT
Art Academy of Cincinnati, 1212 Jackson St

- Sculpture major, Illustration & Design minor


2022 - PRESENT

Health Coach Institute: online 

- Health and Life Coach 

2013  -  2018
Riverview East Academy, 3555 Kellogg Ave

- High school students



Good listener, action taker, understanding, hard worker, display leadership, Adaptable, Teamwork, problem solver,  pay attention to detail, responsible, helpful, kind, creative, Organizational, Patient, Punctuality, Asking questions, Flexibility, Risk-taking, Ability to teach and mentor, Decision-making

Work Experience

 2017 - 2021

ArtWorks, 2460 Gilbert Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45206

-ArtWorks Apprentice

  • Seasonal Job For Youth  14-21 age

  • I was promoted to Spokesperson my 2nd summer with ArtWorks in 2018. My job was to greet visitors on-site and explain to them what we are working on and answering any questions they may have to the best of my ability. Also so take on similar roles as a Senior Apprentice.

  • I was promoted to Senior Apprentice in 2020(2 times),2019. My job was to take on extra tasks and to help teach new apprentices. Also to help make decisions or correct mistakes.  

  • My job at Artworks was to work with a team of 12 or less depending on the project with 3 teaching artists to transform people and places through investments in creativity in our community.  

  •    I have worked on everything from murals to hero capes with Hero Design Company. With a total of 10 projects including 10 murals, 2 HDC, 1 photography. 

 2018 - PRESENT

Art Academy of Cincinnati, 1212 Jackson St

-AAC Ambassador, Work study student, Mentor, Online Shop Fulfillment Assistant


  • My job As an Ambassador was to represent the school as a whole. Working at school Events like Open House or graduation etc.  I had the task of giving school and dorm tours to visitors, parents, and potential students.

  • My job as a Student Worker was to help the Marking and communications team send out thank you letters, swag, info packages and etc.

  • My job as a Mentor was to assist the students in their time at the AAC, and to give them tips and advice to help them through college. Also to guide them to their success path.

  • My job as an Online fulfillment Assistant was to fulfill orders online and prepare to ship them. Also to assist with pop shops being a vendor.

 2020 - PRESENT

Black Art Speaks, 801  Plum street

-Apprentice, Lead Artists, vendor

  • I was the Lead Artist of the L in lives in the Black Lives Matter mural project for the year 2021 my job was to supervise, plan, and execute the mural on time. Also to support my team in whatever they need to help them execute the mural. 

  • I organized and ran a vendors booth at the Black Family Reunion. I create displays, track sales, and inventory     

  • I was the Project Leader/manager for the Black Lives matter Murral Touch Up project in 2022 from June 15th-17th. My task was to manage a team and make sure everything run smoothly. Transport supplies and do outreach.

 2021 - PRESENT

Romac, TBD

-Apprentice, Art Installer, Vendor 

  • My job as an art installer was to help unload artwork at a site and prepare for installation for Art Shows and exhibits then install work making sure the layout flows and is correct.

 2020 - PRESENT

Arte, TBD

- Communications Engineer


  • In my job as Communications Engineer, I do tasks in payroll, administrative, engagement, etc. To make sure tasks and projects run smoothly and making sure communications systems and structures are organized and working.


 2018 - 2019

Riverview East Academy, 3555 Kellogg Ave



  • My job as a volunteer was to assist teachers and work with students either one on one or in small groups.

  2018 - 2019

John P. Parker School, 5051 Anderson Place



  • My job as a volunteer was to assist teachers and work with students either one on one or in small groups.

 2018 - 2020

Art Academy of Cincinnati, 1212 Jackson St

-Student club captain, mentor, monitor

I am the Captain of The Social Impact Club my job is to gather students to raise awareness, volunteer, and create an impact within our community. Also to connect students to others outside of school with people with like minds to give them new experiences and learning opportunities 


FBFA Program


  • Portfolio prep program that high school students could get a feel of college life while creating a portfolio.  

  • I was their studio Monitor for the summer and my tasks were to assist the teachers when the student are in class. After classes, I would monitor the students in the studio by acting as a mentor to them giving feedback/advice on the projects over the summer. Then After I would chaperone for the rest of the time.

Leaders Academy


  • I was the Residential advisor, Teaching assistant, and Mentor

  • A pilot program that brings leaders from high school to design a mural about what they saw a need for in the community.


2021 - 2022

  •  Group exhibition -Home Sweet home, chidlaw gallery, LL, Art Academy of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH( containing works by Annie Crowl, Darby Forand, Ian Hayes, Felicity Klein, Helena Rocha-Gonzalez, LaDe Richardson)-2021   

  • Group exhibition - Lost In Found, CAC (Contemporary Arts Center), lobby , Cincinnati, OH ( containing works by Annie Crowl, Darby Forand, Ian Hayes, Felicity Klein, Helena Rocha-Gonzalez, LaDe Richardson) -2021      

  • Group exhibition - The Cookout,  chidlaw gallery, LL, Art Academy of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH ( containing works by  Alazandrea Townsend, Nytaya Babbitt, Keith Wallick, Jayla Brown, Samara White, Ja’Shaun Jackson, Joy Johnson, William morris..)-2021

  • Group exhibition - The Paint Loves the Bucket,  Wave pool, 2nd floor, Cincinnati,  OH ( containing works by Annie Crowl, Darby Forand, Ian Hayes, Felicity Klein, Helena Rocha-Gonzalez, LaDe Richardson)-2021

  • Group exhibition - SOS show, Art Academy of Cincinnati, Lover Level, Lobby, 1 floor North, 1212 site space. Cincinnati, OH,  (containing works by LaDe Richardson, Cleocrt Daniels, Joy Johnson, Keith Wallick. and so many more)-2022


The Biggie Award 
The Biggy Award, formerly known as the Andrew D. Smith Award, goes out every summer to a talented, returning Youth Apprentice who goes above and beyond on the job site. It’s officially described as follows: The Biggie Award is given to a returning Apprentice who has proven themselves as a role model to their peers; who is dedicated to making a real difference in their community through their contributions; and who has shown a commitment to the arts and their future. Ultimately, their dedication to ArtWorks goes above and beyond, and their future in the arts—whether through a pursuit in the field or through their involvement—is guaranteed.

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