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Welcome to Flying in Success where our goal is to spark your Future because you are the Last Shining Lights that are on the path to success, so join us on this journey.


Its about your Journey and story which hold priceless values unseen by many. To show and promote these successful moments in time rather good or bad because they are lessons meant to improve you. So lets Fly in Success to you to show you what's possible and give you the support you need on your journey. Its also a Journey filled with moments in life that we all go through. It's those moments in our life that are so unique that it marks that time as a successful moment that you feel you achieve/seen or failed at something that made this impact in your life that will spark your future. It's not just all about being famous and having those cars and that big house and etc. You are already have the great treasure ever! In these moments in life that you live


Our mission is Flying In Success to Spark Your Future by creating a meaningful and long lasting Impact in the world so let the sparks fly!

Hope & Goal

Our Goal is to find these sparks grow them into these Last Shining lights of unknown legends who will become legends in History whether big or small. To then create these success stories that are meant to show case these stories that embodiment what we do and aim to do to show what's possible. 


Our Hope is to be the guide and support for passionate people like you who are ready to take that step in their lives and others. By creating a successful impact that sparks new hope and roads to new opportunities.  

Let the sparks fly

If you choose to start or begin your new journey and looking for support to help you along the way. Then you came to the right place our programs, projects, events, and courses are to create the foundations and structure to your path in this new life you flowing into. In order to have a self-transcending transformational journey, you have to step back for a moment and fully see and understand your 5 W's and How of your current steps of your journey to then step into your next four stages to get to the point of success you want.  


I hope you join us in this Journey as the sparks fly!


What We Do









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Mistsky Kanore Ka'Sparks (Last Ka)

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Success Gallery

As Sparks turn into skies something missed is now seen

Coming soon!


This is a collection of moments of success stories, events, etc showing you the impact of Flying In Success has on others and showing what is possible as you wander through learning and experiencing these moments of success.   

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