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Solving Human Problems on Earth Blog 1 entry for class

Next, I would like you to open a sketchbook, and create a quick doodle and a little bit of journal writing about what your current thoughts are as you think about what it means to be living on this planet earth in 2022. What kinds of problems are we facing? There is no way to do this wrong. This, like so many of our exercises throughout the semester, are creative exercises that inspire us to address, tune into our deep inner knowing, and to bring into the realm of practice our ability to solve real human problems.

What does it mean to be living on this planet earth in 2022?

Well hi, my name is LaDe Richardson also known as Last Ka'Sparks I am a creator and figure of many talents who will become a legend like never seen before. Flying In Success to you to spark your future so let the sparks fly on this journey of unknown. I am a college student with a major in sculpture and two minors in illustration and design.

So to me, it means to be able, to be able. So many years have passed since mankind started to walk. I have seen so much over and over its joyous and sorrowful. Life to live is living nightmares you have to deal with so many things with new things popping up. As river flow now streams are revealed. It is much easier to stop and don’t worry about that. Put the outcome of that is that your spark will never be seen or be able to touch others. Life and death is, yin and yang the up and down the left and right the yes and no a forever cycle. Suffering and having fun why must it be that way. The root is mankind a race I despise with a passion. They can go extinct for all I care. But I see why they are loved. Mankind has caused humans to become something new that can improve the world. So it means to lives, to fight, to survive, to overcome, to improve, to understand, to learn, to listen, to united, to work, to experience, to be able mainly. To do any of these you have to be able to or figure out how to be able. Are you able or not? Simple but complex.

What kinds of problems are we facing?

The are many each day the is a new thing. To list them

  1. Sickness and diseases

  2. Physical problems and issues with the body

  3. Mental state

  4. Relationships

  5. Systems

  6. Foundation

  7. Peers

  8. Friends

  9. Family

  10. Jobs

  11. Figures/ role models (famous people, rich, mentors, coach, etc.)

  12. History

  13. Good

  14. Bad

  15. Business/ companies

  16. People

  17. Earth

  18. Balance/ unbalance

  19. And so much more.

Each of these has a sub-list that branches out to who knows. So in solving real-world problems can you do it or is it a temporary thing? If it can be solved then why are we still like this? You think you have what it takes? Want to make you different? Well, that’s why we are here to see the need and trying to improve that fact to get to a better future within our power. Will you join us in this journey’s? you have what it takes I believe in you. So show the world what you got. Its your time to shine!


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